Listing of all bookings

To fetch list of all bookings made on your account you can use simple HTTP GET to endpoint /booking/<page>[?last_change=days]. This will return list of all bookings made on your account.

Additionally you can also specify last_change as a HTTP GET argument, that wil limit maximum booking change date to booking only given days ago.


Due to the large size of this collection, it cannot be sent as a one large JSON response. You need to fetch the entire collection page by page.


Bookings are always sorted by their last modification date. To refresh list, you generally only need to fetch the first page every once in a while.

Example: /booking/2

Accessing specific booking

Booking can be accessed using two methods:

  • By TourOperator and RemoteBookingCode or;
  • By providing only our internal Booking ID BookingCode

On bookings you can also perform certain actions, such as cancellation.


You currently cannot access booking made by register method, until booking has been finalized by an agent.

Possible endpoints are:

  • /booking/by-id/<BookingCode>/<action>
  • /booking/by-toc/<TourOperator>/<RemoteBookingCode>/<action>

This will also trigger refresh of information from tour operator system.

For booking operations you can simple GET as an HTTP method.

Response structure

Single booking

Response structure for accessing specific booking is identical as described in first chapter.


OfferInfo in response is always empty. Information on what was booked (product) can be retreived from ServiceDesc field.

Listing booking

For accessling list of bookings, response also contains number of records found, along with list of bookings.


When listing bookings Info and StatusCode fields are omited, since infromation is fecthed from our database and not from tour operator.

typedef Response = struct{
    # Total number of records found
    Count   int

    # Total number of pages
    Pages   int

    # Contains list of bookings. BookingResponse structure is defined
    # in first chapter.
    Results array{BookingResponse}

Getting booking information.

Issuing GET request without any action will return information on current booking:

For example: /booking/by-id/20191220121834240/, or /booking/by-toc/ODP/5528139/ (both are equivalent).

Cancellation check

You can check whenever booking can be cancelled using cancel-check action.

If tour operator supports cancelation on this offer status code ID (StatusCode->ID in JSON response) should be set to 760.


Cancellation might not be free and might carry cancellation costs. Consult with textual response in info field for any possible fees.

Example: /booking/by-toc/ODP/5528139/cancel-check

Cancelling booking

You can cancel booking, by issuing GET request on the booking with additional action of cancel.


Cancellation might not be free. Always perform cancellation check first and consult with response info field for any possible fees.

Upon sucesfull cancellation all Status fields in services (Services->ID->Status in JSON response) should have XX set as value.

Example: /booking/by-toc/ODP/5528139/cancel

Option fix

Fixing an previously created option turn that option into a fixed booking.

You can perform this with action option-fix

Example: /booking/by-toc/ODP/5528139/option-fix